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Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Artist Bio

I was born in 1965 surrounded by the yellow wheat fields in Kansas, but my very early memories were the shades of red, orange, and carnation pink that lined the jumbo box of my Crayola Crayons—the one with the sharpener in the back.  In my family, creating art was just something you did, like breathing; natural and necessary for life. My mother, my mentor, filled my world with sights and sounds of art in all forms.  My Dad never complained each time he had to repaint the living room wall that I liked to use as a canvas. 

Expanding into different media over the years as a potter, a sculptor, and a sketch artist—I have ultimately come to love the buttery texture of oil paints and the luscious look of the finished painting.  My imagination can run wild!  I would love to say I am inspired by glorious nature, fiery sunsets, sparkly oceans,—but really what inspires me is… art itself.   When I am standing in front of a work of art I am inspired and motivated by the creative dance I see played out through the chosen medium of the artist.  I absolutely love to interact with art.  A charming subject or even a simple brushstroke can inspire me.  And as my thoughts swirl around in my head it challenges me to reach deeper for my own expression and to find my own interpretation.  I want to delight my audience the same as I am delighted by works of art.  When I see people looking at my paintings and smiling and even giggling it makes me feel joy!  I create playful and positive compositions, happy colors, and feel-good scenes that I hope will inspire and shape positive emotions.

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